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Apr 18, 2015   10:55 PM

The parents or guardians of students who live outside the Ballinger I.S.D. must complete an application for student transfers if the student plans to attend Ballinger Schools during the 2015-2016 school year. Transfer forms are available in the respective campus office in which your student will be attending. Please call 365-3588 Ext. 1009 for more information. The transfer forms must be completed and returned to the school office by 3:30 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2015.

Apr 16, 2015   10:13 AM

West Texas Rehabilitation Center  will hold their annual Ride For Rehab April 25 & 26 on the beautiful and historic Blockhouse Ranch in Mason County in the center of the Texas Hill Country. The ranch is located approximately 15 miles west of Mason on HWY 29. The official Cowboy Poet Of Texas Red Steagall will participate in the ride and possibly entertain around the campfire Saturday night.  Early arrivals begin on Friday April 24 after 3:00 p.m.

The ride will start from the camp at 9:30 and will go about 5 miles to a lunch site on Calf Creek.  After lunch there will be a choice of a short 2-3 mile ride back to camp or a longer 5-6 mile ride.  A supper will be served by the West Texas Chuck Wagon Crew followed by an auction and Red Steagall will present information about the ranch and a little entertainment.  Sunday morning will start with breakfast being served from 7:30-8:30 and then special guest John Morris will speak at the morning worship service. A short m3-4 mile ride will follow and return to camp by noon.

 The Blockhouse Ranch was founded by Anna Martin an early day pioneer who became the first lady banker of Texas by founding the Commercial Bank of Mason in 1901.  The ranch consisted of over 60,00 acres at the time of her death and although divided is still mostly owned by her descendants.  The name Blockhouse came from a block style log cabin built on the San Saba River to guard a crossing during the Civil War.  The cabin still stands today along with the stone ranch house built in the 1880’s.  This was said to be the best crossing of the San Saba river for transporting goods to supply the troops.

  Another historic note is the Battle of Calf Creek.  Jim Bowie was sent on an expedition to scout the area along the San Saba River from about present day Mason to  Menard.  He encountered hostile Indians and took camp where Calf Creek joins the San Saba river in November of 1835 very near the present day site of the Blockhouse cabin.  Bowie along with 8 men and a boy fought off a band of about 124 Tahuacanoes.  The battle lasted about 9 days with only 1 casualty in Bowies camp and at least 21 indians falling.  The Indians finally gave up and moved on so Bowie and his men headed back to San Antonio arriving back in January 1836.  A month later he joined a group of volunteers at the Alamo and rest is history. 

Come and join Red Steagall and the West Texas Rehab Chuckwagon Crew for a beautiful ride along the scenic San Saba River and relive a part of Texas history.  Sponsors for this years ride include Total Feeds of Weatherford, Central Texas Farm Credit, Southwest Truck & Trailer of Abilene, Mason Bank Lubke Cars & Trucks of Brady and Lubke Chevrolet of Eden,The Commercial Bank of Mason, Zesch & Pickett Insurance of San Angelo,And The Commercial National Bank of Brady, Capital Farm Credit and Mike Dail realestate.  For information on the ride contact  or call 325-660-8334.

Apr 16, 2015   10:11 AM

On April 11 the Ballinger Noon Lions participated in the state hwy clean up which we do every year. Lion Larry Lange is the chairman of this project. We had a very good turn out for this event. Ballinger Noon Lions Club has been serving this community for over 84 years. We are proud to be a part of the greatest little town in Texas. Our 40th annual Bike Fest is coming up during the Ethnic Festival on the 25th of April. Hope to see you there.

Lion Lanada Driskell

bottom picture: 
David Workman, Fr. Hugh Wade, Larry Lange and Max Pratt.
Top picture Max Pratt, Kellye Potter, Phillip Springer, Mike Hice,Ebb Grindstaff,  Fr Hugh Wade,David Workman, Rex Mason, and Larry Lange in back.

Apr 16, 2015   10:05 AM

It’s time for fish, fingerling size.  Runnels Soil and Water Conservation District is holding its annual fish sale this year.

The program will continue through April 28, 2015 with delivery of the fish on May 6, 2015 at the Natural Resources Conservation Service office at 2000 Hutchings Avenue in Ballinger.

Available species are channel catfish, bass, bluegill sunfish, red ear perch, crappie, minnows (fathead or shiner), and sterile grass carp (available with TP&WD permit) (visit NRCS office for information).

The vendor will provide bags, air and water necessary to transport your fish to their destination. 

The Fish Program in addition to the Windbreak Tree Program generates funds used for conservation education across our county.  You may recognize such things as our frequent fish and wildlife seminars, conservation field days, Natural Resource Day for county fifth graders, poster and essay contest, soil stewardship materials for area churches, scholarships for graduating seniors and sponsoring students and teachers to educational seminars.

To place your fish order, please stop by the NRCS office at 2000 Hutchings Avenue in Ballinger or for more information on this year’s program call the office at 325-365-3415 ext. 3.

An Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer

Apr 12, 2015   11:29 PM

In the earliest days of Ballinger, second only to the saloons in popularity, were the hotels. There was European Hotel, Barrow Hotel, The St. Charles, Brown’s Hotel, The Pearce House, Carnes Hotel, Gay Hotel, and Royalty Hotel, which later became known as Central Hotel. All were wood-framed affairs, but the Central was the first hotel built of stone. The going rate was $1 per day, which got you not only a room, but also your meals, too. For $5 you could stay all week. Or, if you just wanted a meal, you could walk in and be served for only 25¢. A bed for the night would cost you 25¢.
Fast forward a decade to 1909, there was Bates Hotel, Central Hotel, Colorado Hotel, Johnson Hotel, Massey House, Mater Hotel, Mays Cottage, Smith Boarding House, Charlton Boarding House, and McAdams Boarding House.

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