Those of us who hold the Bible to be the Word of God have witnessed the decline of its influence in our society. As a student in my Elementary and Jr. High Schools the Bible was read every morning as classes began. Prayer was band from school long ago. Obviously from historical records and writings it is evident that the Bible had tremendous influence in the formation of our country’s constitution. The formation of a land where people acknowledged God and the authority of His inspired Word brought great blessings. Many of the blessings that have flowed so freely upon our nation are diminishing.

I am thrilled to know that many recognize the great need to be a nation that places our trust in God have begun to voice this conviction in a more public way than in many decades. But, I am very concerned that basically we live in a generation that is Bible illiterate. Even among Christians who are regular worship attenders the Bible is not known. With all our modern day advancements in education and technology, Biblical principles and truths are not well known. There are far too many reasons to discuss why this has happened over the last fifty years or so. It is evident that changes within our society has contributed to the Bible being shelved instead of being read. We are a society that has indulged ourselves with ourselves. We have become a people groping for that which satisfies ourselves. Past generations have been involved in working to provide for their family and to meet their needs. Today it has turned to the pursuit of getting more ad more of what we may want, not necessarily what we need. Our time is occupied with meeting our entertainment needs so much so that there isn’t time to work on our spiritual life.

I would propose that we bring the Bible back into our lives with the intent to learn the most important principles of character development. I recall a fellow minister’s comment some years ago. He was telling me that his mother required that it he wanted to watch a television show that was thrifty minutes long, he would have to read the Bible for thirty minutes to have that privilege. Our youth spend hours on the video games and other such things on the phones and tablets. How much more Bible would our children know if they were required to spend as much time reading their Bible to have the privilege to use their phones? The only way this would be fair to our children is if parents required the same of themselves.

Bringing the Bible back into the center of our lives is the answer to the ills of our society. What it will do is set before each one the pathway of righteousness. It will convict our hearts and bring about the change of heart, attitude and behavior. Immoral activities stop when the Bible convicts. Does the Bible convict you regarding your manner of life?

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