After both Winters and De Leon won their season openers they were ready to kick things off in week 2. Winters was not ready for what the De Leon Bearcats brought to the game, however as the Blizzards were defeated 49-6.

De Leon won the coin toss, but chose to defer the kickoff until the second half. Winters received the opening kick and attempted to drive the ball down field but the De Leon defense stopped them and they drove the ball down and scored. Winters would make mistake after mistake as De Leon kept scoring and would end the first quarter 28-0.

The Second quarter would be no different with De Leon in complete control of the game the Bearcats kept driving and fighting to score. The Blizzards mistakes would continue to cost them to end the 1st half down 35-0. Winters would not score until the 4th quarter and continued to struggle offensively and defensively throughout the second half.

Next up on the schedule for Winters are the Bangs Dragons. This is a game that could be a turning point for the Blizzards in either direction. The Dragons, coming off a 56-7 defeat at the hands of Hawley will be just as disappointed in their previous game as Winters will be. It will also be Homecoming for Winters so look for the home crowd to play a factor in the game for the Blizzards.

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