Hello To All:

From Maureen:
HM and Maureen enjoyed supper with Bob and Judy on Saturday evening.  The church had lunch on Sunday. Prayers are brought to the Lord for Justin (Pastor’s grand daughter) who is in Cook’s hospital in Ft. Worth.


It has been a quiet week out here.  We are thankful for the 3/10th of rain. We would be a lot more thankful for , say 4 1/2″ .
One day on the way home Judy wanted to go look at Lake Talpa to judge how much the rain helped.  The way we go is down a dirt and rock road.  I don’t go very fast on it. Hey! There is a roadrunner in the road maybe 25 yards ahead. As we got closer he took off running right straight down the road.  Ever now and then he would jump up and fly about 10′. I thought that he would take off across country but he stayed true to his name and
Ran down the road.  He must have run a mile or so before we got to the lake and then he jumped the fence made off in the brush.   I also saw a good size covey of quail.  The lake is down several feet.
One evening Judy roasted a whole chicken.  Then she made okra  patties and fried them up.  We had a couple of large sweet potatoes that she rubbed  bacon grease on the outside before baking.  We took it all over to H. M.  and Maureen ‘s house and had a pleasant dinner with them. Maureen made a chocolate cake for desert.
I am still setting rat and mouse traps around the vehicles.  I think it was Monday night that I trapped the largest rat so far. No, I am not going to start weighing and measuring them. But just eyeballing it , that is the champeen rat of Talpa .   Or was…
So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob

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