Hello to All:


A word from Maureen:


Good news about Pastor’s grand daughter, she is home from the hospital and back to school.

Good News Club will be starting at the Talpa Immanuel Baptist Church on Wednesday, October 5th at 5pm.  The first series is called “The Wordless Book”  Sounds intriguing? It is!

We have 1.9” of rain so far and it is still raining.  Thank You Lord for the moisture.



It has been a quiet week out here.   The heat let up some and the rain visited us very briefly.  The big storm and flood warning last night equaled some wind and thunder, not much rain.

Our friend , Maureen, wasn’t feeling well and Judy and I were going to Ballinger anyway , so we stopped and picked up her prescription.  Hope she is feeling better now.


Our new neighbors, John and Nancy Moroni, (They are moving into Ann  Mount’s house) were here for a week.

They are good country people and fit right in.  They are doing a lot of work on the house to get it to fit their needs.  Like add a bathroom, level the floors,

redo the plumbing and some wiring, new tile floors


Our new Postmaster is here.  Her name is Ashton Tibbetts and comes to us from Gouldbusk.  So, everyone needs to go by during regular hours and say hello so that she can put a face with the box numbers.


Judy and I bought a new king size bed.  It is one of the Sleep Number beds that you can raise or lower the head or the foot of the bed.  Judy’s side was okay but on my side only the head would raise and lower.  Made a phone call and in a few days the company sent a technician out and he replaced the entire motor assembly.  Then it worked perfectly. If you have a back problem or hip problem , this may be the answer to a good nights sleep.  It also has provided me with relief for my “restless leg syndrome”.  You have to try a few different combinations to get it right then it is zzzzzzzzzzztime.   Well worth the money to get a good nights sleep and feel good when you wake up.


I went to San Angelo on Saturday to watch my grand daughter, Karen Dunn, participate in a gymnastic meet.  There were four teams competing.  The “theme” for the meet was “Back the Blue”.  The staff, judges and many in attendance wore the tee with “Back the Blue” on the front.  They were out of the XL size so I didn’t get one.  There were five or six officers from the area in attendance.  Karen  placed third on the uneven bars and fourth in all around.   The Grandfodder is very proud of her.  I also got to visit with my son and daughter in law, Mari.  I need to do a separate story on them and the physical training they do daily.  These are two middle age people running marathons and that may be one of the easier contests they enter.

Saturday evening we attended a wedding that joined Brandee Bennett and Tyler Smith.  The bride was gorgeous and the groom looked handsome. A guitarist strummed and sang a love song that we all enjoyed.  You could tell by watching the couple that they are completely in love.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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