1. All parade participants will enter via the road off of Highway 158 (that goes to the baseball field). Participants will line up and stage on the grassy area until parade begins and follow through the parking down parade route.

2. Any participants who need to complete a float may do so in the staging area.

3. There will be signs marking entrances.

4. Parents may drop off students via high school entrance off Highway 158 by the sign. Parents will enter the parking lot, drop off, circle back around, and leave the same way as they came in.

5. The entrance from Highway 158 onto Conda Ave. will be blocked until parade begins. When parade begins, the band will lead out onto Conda Ave. going West, and turn left down 11th St. until they reach the stadium.

6. Upon reaching Bearcat Stadium, drivers need to drop off students at the entrance to the stadium and park at the west end of the elementary.

7. Reminder to parents: The pep rally should be over around 7:15-7:30. Please be there to pick up your child.
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