Ballinger hosted the junior high District Cross Country meet on Monday, October 17th.

The results are:

7th Grade Girls- 2nd place team

1st- Nadia Molina

2nd- Esly Chavez

11th- Danae Moya

13th Brooklyn Gau

14th Jenna Battle

19th- Scarlett Grimes


8th Grade Girls- 3rd place team

2nd- Danielle Pena

9th- Jersey Perkins

16th- Dillon Halfmann

18th- Emily Rosser

20th- Cynthia Camarillo


7th Grade Boys- 2nd Place team

7th- Ben Huston

10th- Blake Collom

11th- Carter Arrott

15th- Briley Clinton

16th- Trey Matschek

17th- Trevor Gibbs


(8th Grade Boys- No Runners)


Ballinger hosted the High School District Cross Country meet on Monday, October 17th.

The results are:

JV Girls- 1st place team

2nd- Kinley Gray

3rd- Brenda Martinez

4th- Karalyne Boggess

5th- Lauren Landers

6th- Destiny Manley

8th- Kinlee Bowman

9th- Rosemary Delgado

10th- Kaitlyn Guillen

1th- Lauren Jalomo

12th- Jayden Hughes

14th- Lexi Sanchez

15th- Camilla Gonzales

16th- Jessica Castleberry

19th- Haleigh Turney


Varsity Girls- 2nd Place team: Regional qualifiers

4th- Lexie Davenport

5th- Sydney Bowman

7th- Kelsey Hughes

9th- McKenzey Sanchez

17th- Avery Schniers

20th- Hannah Huston

23rd- Haley Matschek


Varsity Boys- 4th Place

15th- Andres Garza

18th- Matthew DeNigro

21st- Josh Sauceda

The Varsity Lady Cat Cross Country team will advance to the Regional meet to be held in Lubbock on Sat., Oct. 29th. The region 1 race will begin at 2:00 pm at Mae Simmons Park.

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