Hello to All:


A few thoughts from Maureen:

By Telephone “My computer has to be replaced and the man will be out here next week and get me back on line”


It has been a quiet week out here.  The cooler weather is certainly welcomed and everyone seems to be enjoying it.   Judy has been placing more “rat traps” and poison bait for them.  I also have had a couple of snakes make the mistake of crawling in front of me.  One was a little rattler 16” long.  Had one little rattle which I couldn’t hear even with my hearing aids on.  It was in a paint pan ,like you use with a roller to paint a wall,

I pulled it out from under a little book case and there he was in the pan.  He coiled up and made a strike at me.  I drew faster, with a pickaxe leaning on a box near by.  The next one was a harmless little garden snake.  Probably would not be able to bite me and do any damage, but he could spook me with a sudden appearance and make me jump and hurt myself…or Judy.  So, that snake was also evicted, with extreme prejudice.

The were both deposited on an active ant bed way out back.  Let the ants eat the venom and see how they like that.


I have been bringing out the big stones that made the foundation on the house in Ballinger.  Lined them up in front of the Talpa house and Judy has decorated them with old pots, one large tin chicken, a small tin chicken,  tin peacock, tin roadrunner and an armadillo that is made of iron and two bed pan and three bath tubs. I don’t know what anyone would think about this.   It does look different.  Judy is after me to paint the front porch so she can put a couple of her milk cans out.  I will get it done.


We are working on making “outside cats” out of “inside cats” and it ain’t easy.  They think that I am just being mean and making them stay outside.  When they were inside, they stood at the door wanting out. Okay, here ya go.  I think they will eventually like the little store room that I am putting their bed and food in. This is necessary because we found out that Judy is allergic to cat hair.

I now have A.J.,. Ann Mount’s little cross eyed  cat.  He couldn’t stand the noise that Rudy and Oswald were making next door.  The air compressor and nail gun and saws were just too much for him.  He was under my cargo container so I brought his little “house” (carrier) with his  pillows and put it beside the cargo container and he bunks in there now.  I do try to go out and sit and pet them and try to get them to accept the change and let them know that I love them.

A sad note, last week Kenneth and Linda Dye came home and found their big old black dog dead.  Evidentially he got bitten by a rattler right on his nose.  I asked Kenneth if he found the rattler and killed it.  No, not yet, have to keep an eye out.  The word at the post office last week was that the AirMed helicopter that landed there was to pick up a railroad worker that had been bitten by a rattler.  No word on his condition or how this happened.  The first thing that Rick told me when I moved out here that the rattlers had their den’s under those old rotten crossties.  The workers go to pound the old cross ties out and it disturbs the rattlers , so watch out. Rick says that he can smell them before he hears them rattle.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob

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