Start with White Christmas, mix in a mid-’60s Judy Garland tv Christmas special, add a dash of Silkwood and you have “The Paisley Sisters’ Christmas Special” ! It’s 1964, and America’s Songbirds, the Paisley Sisters, are airing a brand-new television holiday extravaganza landing themselves back in the Top 40. The results are a hilarious send-up of early holiday specials full of backstage drama, sponsors, secret telephone calls, assumed identities and general mayhem. Presented by The Way Off Broadway Players at the Tom Ratliff Community Theater at 103 SW Main St.; Eldorado, Texas. Tickets are $12.00. Call 325-277-0635 for reservations. Dates of production are November 18-20 and December 2-4. Friday performances at 7:00 and Saturday and Sunday performances at 3:00. Music by Bret Silverman, Lyrics by Joel Benjamin, James Ansart, and Bret Silverman, Book by Joel Benjamin, James Ansart, Bret Silverman and Steve Silverman. Presented by an arrangement with Steele Spring Stage Rights.

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