Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  With the cooler weather and leaving the windows open, our electric  bill dropped in half.  And that was just a couple of weeks.  Not much rain and the grass (weeds) are not tall enough to be concerned about today, maybe tomorrow.

I was in the post office talking to our new Postmaster, Ashton Tibbetts, and found out that in high school she was a rodeo cowgirl.  She has five horses and was a medal winning barrel racer.  She said the medals were all packed away for now.  I would like to see her pin a picture on the wall of her medals,  or at least the horses.

When Judy lived in Ballinger on 7th St. , her next door neighbor was a nice lady named Tonya who had two little boys, Mills and Mason.  They became good friends over the next three years or so and are still good friends.  Judy became friends with Tonya’s mother, Beverly Everett, who worked at 1st National Bank in Ballinger. On Thursday we went to a reception in honor of Beverly’s retirement  after 40 years service to the bank and community.  People were asking , “well, what are you going to do now?”   I gave her a line that is attributed to that cowboy legend, Jim Shoulders who proclaimed, “Nothing, I am retired and don’t do anything and I don’t start on that until after 10:00am”.  Feel free to use the quote, just be sure to give proper credit.


We continue to have a rat problem.  Traps are set and poison put out and we do get results.  Hope it is time for the annual rat migration South and we can

get some relief out here. You should see the size of some of these critters.  A couple of them were big as Tobi the cat, well pretty dang big I say.


On Saturday evening, Judy and I went to visit Winnie Cox, who lived in the house behind Judy for 21 years.  She is now is respite care in Ballinger.  Judy took some of her chicken spaghetti, green peas and a green salad for Winnie’s supper.  Winnie looked good and she was cheerful and had a good appetite.  She can hear better than I can with my hearing aids and see better than I can with glasses. We visited for nearly 3 hours before heading back to our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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