After the rains of November 3rd Elm Creek crested today with 1550 cubic feet per second at 1:50 PM November 4th. This is up from a measured 7 cubic feet p/s on the 2nd of November. After the crest of the water flow the most recent measurement was 568 cubic feet p/s at 6:30 November 4th.

The Colorado River in Ballinger has risen from 4.5 feet, crested earlier today at 9.5 feet and as of 6:30 November 4th measures at 8.99 feet. Water flow has increased from a measured 4 cubic feet p/s and was most recently measured at 723 cubic feet p/s.

All of this water is headed toward OH Ivie which is currently at 22.2% full. OH vie is up 10 feet since the beginning of the year.

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