“On The Level” by Charles Frerich

The beauty of the tall tree in all its splendor is a marvelous creation.  The many shades of green in the tree’s leaves gives color to an otherwise plain world.  What makes the tree grow is what’s happening beneath the surface of the soil.  There is a complex system of roots that is harvesting moisture and nutrients that the branches and the leaves need to grow.

  Just as the fingerprint is unique to each person, so the root system is to each tree.  Although two trees may look alike on top each has something unique that requires different needs to survive.  The root system has to adapt itself to the different soil types, moisture conditions and nutrient availability to sustain the leaves.  The leaves in turn draw strength from the sun and send it down to the roots to help them grow.  Long story short, it takes leaves to make roots and roots to grow leaves.

   This scenario is important to anyone raising livestock and relying on grass to sustain the herd.  If too much of the leaf is taken, then the root system becomes weak and cannot grow more leaves causing the grass to be overgrazed leaving the pastures bare and open to noxious weeds and brush.  It is hard to manage a pasture when you see grass just standing waiting to be eaten. 

    The roots of all plants find their way around rocks and weave their way through the soil in search of moisture and nutrients.  A plant’s root system is constantly changing and adapting to keep the plant alive.  The roots work all year long.  Even though the leaves of the plant above the surface dies during winter, underground, the plant is still surviving.  A tree’s roots can soak up one hundred gallons of water a day and then dispel that same amount through the leaves as moisture into the air.

   Roots are important to keeping our soil in place with their system of roots.  They provide support and bind the soil together to keep the water from washing away the soil.  The stream banks remain stable if there is a good mixture of deep rooted brush species and dense fibrous rooted grasses.  This community of vegetation makes a strong stream bank to soak up water and hold the soil.

    The roots of your family tree must also be strong.   These family tree roots must be strong to keep the family strong.  So many things are out there to erode the strong ties of the family.  The roots of your family tree has to be rooted in faith and be constantly nourished to keep it strong.  Life deals us many trials but with strong roots we can weather these and continue to be strong.

   Strong roots are important in every aspect of our lives and it is what is taking place underground and behind the scenes that keep us and the environment strong.  If you have questions about how to keep the roots of your plants strong you can contact me.  For concerns about strong roots in your life, contact God.  Catch you next time, ”On the Level”.

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