Results are not official or final:

With 100% of precincts reporting Runnels County has cast 3,241 votes for Donald Trump, 452 votes for Hillary Clinton, 59 votes for Gary Johnson and 13 votes for Jill Stein.

In the Ballinger ISD SMD 7 race Cheryl Buchanan has 94 votes to Mike Riley 87.

In Ballinger City Council Precinct 3 race Bob McDaniels has 66 votes to Jolene McBurney with 65.

In Ballinger City Council Precinct 4 race Eloyed Fuentes received 125 votes, Daniel Fisher 95 and Landy Cason 79.

There are also 8 provisional ballots that have not been tallied yet that could have an impact on some of these local races and therefore these are not completely official at this time.

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