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Maureen’s new machine is still , “No Habla”.  On Saturday evening, Judy cooked up some chicken, biscuits and mashed potatoes and gravy. Maureen prepared some veggies.  We enjoyed the dinner and the conversation.  Hope to have her new toy speaking in English soon.



It has been a quiet week out here.  Well, I did do a certain amount of yelling and crying one day.  Judy wanted me to move a small cactus from Ballinger to out here.  It was planted in a grey metal pot of some kind. It was a dotted Swiss cactus that has small paddles.  I sort of got it pried up from the ground and went to pick it up.  The roots had grown through the bottom, which fell apart and the cactus fell back toward me and landed on the crook of both of my arms.  I had thousands of tiny stickers in my arms.   First idea was to get some masking tape and try to get them to stick to the tape and rip the tape off.  That worked somewhat but I was still left with many that broke off skin level.  I washed my arms with soap and water.  Then applied ST37, a favorite over the shelf liquid that kills germs and prevents infections on small cuts or scrapes.  This seems to have worked.  The stickers sort of bubble up and has a small black head, which is the sticker.  Then just squeeze it and the sticker pops out.

I worked one day on cutting the hackberry trees out of my fig patch.  The hackberry has thorns about 4” long.  My arms look really bad but I won the battle in the end with my chain saw.  Some nice big figs will be ripe and ready to eat soon.

Enough has been said about the election.  Now we have protest about the results.  To borrow a quote, “what’s the point? What difference does it make now?”  On election night, I sat up and prayed feverently for my choice.  When I ran out of words to pray, I just sat and sang “Jesus Loves Me”, silently of course.

About the only protests I have heard was from my cats, Angel and Tobi.  They are being transitioned from inside/outside cats to just being outside cats.  I am going to try and screen in the back patio and give them some protection and some what of a break from the weather.  I cleaned out a store room on the bottom level for them but so far they have refused to stay in it. May change their minds when it gets colder.  This is necessary because we found that among other things out here, Judy is allergic to cat hair and dander. My son Kelly is to travel from San Angelo and help me do the frame work and install screen wire.

Talpa Bob

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