Jr. High One-Act Play Participates in Festival

The Miles Jr. High One-Act Play cast and crew participated in the One-Act Play Festival in Miles on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. They performed Epic Proportions by Larry Coen and David Crane, Dramatists Play Service Inc.

The Cast of Characters is as follows:
Benny Bennet Melvin Gonzalez
Phil Bennet Brandon Rodriguez
D.W. DeWitt, Guard Colin Steward
Loise Goldman Alexa Schwertner
Shel Kaitlynn Graves
Jack, Guard Rylee Chapman
Queen Heather Havlak
Octavium, Guard Radek Spatz
Slavemaster, Extra Kendall Kelly
Stagehand 1, Extra Amy Tirado
Stagehand 2, Extra Hailey Fernandez
Stagehand 3, Extra Emily Weiland
Attendant, Extra Kenna Kraatz
Brady, Extra Johanna Weiland
Extra Kinsley Riddle
Lights Marissa Kalina
Sound Khamille Spears
Backstage Daniela Ornelas
Backstage Anabel Villarruel

Miles students received several honor awards at the festival. Marissa Kalina was on Best Technical Crew. Honorable Mention All-Star Cast included Heather Havlak and Colin Steward. Brandon Rodriguez and Alexa Schwertner were named on the All-Star Cast. Melvin Gonzalez received Best Actor.

The Miles play ranked second of six plays. Christoval placed first and Forsan was third.  Other plays at the Festival were Eldorado, Ozona, and Irion County.

Congratulations to the Miles Jr. High One-Act Play!

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