Dear Santa,

  I am going to leave  you  some cookie and a glass of milk by the door. I’m also going to leave carrots  for your reindeer. I have tried my hardest to be  good this year. I would like you to bring me a puppy and some american doll accessories.

  P.S.  My little brother would like to visit with an elf.

Lots Of Love,

Alivia Jalomo

Dear Santa,

I would like a cat, a dog, a tablet, a rabbit, a phone, cat food, dog food, rabbit food, and a toy cat and I want Richie Rich.

Love Judy Richards

Dear Santa 

Hello This is Destiny and I’ve Been Nice this Year 

and i would Like For Christmas A sewing Machine to make 

Dresses, and Toy’s Please. I want a mermaid set.  I would also like a Mermaid swimming suit.   I’m going to leave some chocolate cookies and milk for you on Christmas Eve.

And Why do Elf’s Talk 

to You!!!!


Destiny Vela

Dear Santa,

I want a littlest ponie and teen titans go  and La La Loopsi please for Christmas.

Love, Tori

Dear Santa,

What I really want for Christmas is Toys, Bike, XBox games, clothes.  I’ve been a very good boy.  I will leave chocolate cookies and milk out for you. Just Please be safe and keep your reindeer safe.  Love You Santa!

Yours truly,

Izaiah Rodriguez

Dear Santa,

         I am writing you this letter to tell you what I would like for Christmas!!!  I have been very good this year and I am excited that Christmas is finally here.  This year I would like for you to make me a Barbie dream house!  With this I would like a Barbie doll camper too!  I know my barbies would love to have it!  Thank you so much!!! Tell Mrs. Clause and the elves I said hello! We enjoy having Teaser back, we have missed him!


Kyndall Skye Weathers

Dear Santa,

I what for Christmas is a tablet a Little Live pets and a Gemmies a Shopkins season 5. a Lego FriendsHeart Lake . Riding Club Chocolate pen and a pop pop Wow locker Nail Glam. Salon manicure ki and a Learn to paint. a Softee Dough Kit and a Play Doh kit.

Love:Razaiah J.

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus?  I have been extra good this year for my mom and dad.  I have also been really nice to my sister and friends.  This year I would like for Christmas is new shoes, remote control car, laptop, Guinea pig, fish aquarium, a new football and basketball.  Santa how many miles is it from the North Pole to Ballinger Texas?  Santa we will leave cookies and milk out for you.



Dear Santa,

My name Dominick i’ve been a good boy this year. I was just wonderinng if you could send me a few things for Christmas this year. Here is a few things I want this year, a tablet, an xbox one controller, and some tools for my dad because we lost all of them, also I  would like a new bike,last but not least I would like a toy monster truck.


Dominick Soto

Dear Santa,

     How are you? I hope you are doing well. How is your wife? I have been good this year and make A honor roll every time. For Christmas I would like a air hockey table and a Jemma Stone shopkins doll. I will leave you cookies and milk. Take care.

Sincerely Ava

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year. I have tried my best to make good grades, even though I did okay on them. I sometimes do the dishes for Kaylee “my big sister” when she is gone at sports. I try my best to be nice to my brothers and sister even though they are not that nice too me. I want drum set and drum stick for Christmas, I would want a piano, Guitar, American doll, Play school, Food set with a blender, Coffee maker with a mug. Last but not least I really want a pink Hatchimals.


Dear Santa,

I would like a skateboard and a toy motorcycle and that is all I want for Christmas.  I like to play games.

Sincerely, Joey

Mrs. Pelzel’s Class

Dear Santa,

My name is Andie Simpson. I am 7 years old and am in the second grade. I think you and your elves are very nice. How are Rudolph and the other reindeer doing?

I would like to have a stuffed zebra, a pink bow and arrow, Little Live Pets puppy, Quick Cups game, a Bop It, and an art set.

I will leave milk and cookies out for you!



Dear Santa,

For Christmas,I would like an Air Hogs Hyper Stunt Drone, Magic Tracks, an XBox 360, an Air Hogs Thunder Traxs, and a MagCreator magnet set.  I hope you have a safe flight.


Dylan Page

Dear Santa

How are you doing? Can I rename my Elf Buddy? For Christmas I want a teacher set and a pointer stick and some books. I want a bunk bed and more stuff like last time you gave me a lot.

Love Drew Arp

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs.Clause , the elves, reindeer and Buddy the elf doing? This year for Christmas I would like shopkins, Lea Clark house and accessories and a Kate spade iPod case!! Please don’t forget about my little brother!! He has been pretty good too!!


Kynlee Palmer

Dear Santa

my name is Clarissa  I hav been trieing to be good I would like a rabbit kitty and a tableit and a bird that talks and a bonen aro and a new tramplean pleas Sooper Santa

mary crismis Santa



Dear Santa,

I want a Go-cart, a drone, and some Xbox 360 games.  Games I would like: NFL football, Call of Duty, Batman, Lego Star Wars, and Hot Wheels Beat That.


Hunter Kresta

dear sant

for chrismos I want Avatar the last air binder and a chaclet pen and the trolls movei and the movei MOANA and i wish i had a snow white dress just like hers that i tore the ribbon off of and a magic hat that gose with a wond a baby Elsa and a baby spen and a baby Christof



Brody WIlde

2nd Grade, Balliger,Texas

Wishing you and Mrs. Clause a Merry Christmas

Mrs. Schaefer

Dear Santa,

My name is Deesa Drennan.  I have been pretty good this year.  For Christmas I would like a tablet, Judy Moody books, and some Fancy Nancy books.  I can always use clothes mainly dresses and shoes.  I would also like a basketball goal and soccer stuff.  

Please bring Keni rain boots and bring Cash some hunting stuff. 

I hope you are staying safe and warm.  HO HO HO!


Deesa Drennan

Dear Santa,

My name is Miguel A. and I want baseball equipment. I would also like football pads and a Texans uniform. And maybe a new tablet and a new bike that is blue. And wrestling tickets. I hope you are doing good and the reindeer too. Be safe and I hope I get my presents.


Miguel Avila

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeers doing? For Christmas I really want makeup, clothes and a new iPad holder. I would also like gymnastics equipment and anything emoji related and shoes.

I hope you travel safe and enjoy all the cookies.

From : Braylin Quiroga


Dear Santa, 

Hope your doing good. I would like a crossbow and a sniper rifle with lots of bullets. Thank you  

From Trey Rose 

Dear Santa,

I would like cool Ninja toys and a remote control car.

Love always,

Christian Sanchez

Dear Santa,

How have you been?  I hope you have been staying healthy so you can come to my house this Christmas. I have been somewhat good this year.   For Christmas I am asking for these 7 simple things:  I want an Xbox, I need a new baseball glove, I would like some long johns to wear, I would like sport books to read, I would like to go to a baseball camp this year, I would like to play game of dodgeball with my family, and I would like to donate some money to the Carnegie Library this season. 

I will leave you out some chocolate milk and some cookies this year.


Davis Peterson

Dear Santa,

I hope you’re having a good Christmas!  The things I want for Christmas are

Pottery Cool and a Shopkin watch.  I also want a Shopkin Shoppies doll, Num

Nom’s lip gloss truck, Funko Shopkins and Monster High playset.

Love you Santa,

Kyndal Rollwitz

Dear Santa

I want a piano mat so I can step on it and play music like im playing on a normal piano and can I please have a real wooden guitar for chrismas?  

Sincerly, Traelys

Dear Santa,

I think I’ve been good this year because I listened to my parents as much as I could. I also tried to take care of my toys that I got last year. Here is my Christmas list for this year:

1. A big lego set

2. A nerf gun

3. A hatchimal

4. An air hockey table

5. An angry bird set

6. A foosball table

7. A big game set

Merry Christmas!

Hunter Peacock

Dear Santa,

I would like Elf Legos, books, Barbies, American doll, quilt, bunk bed and high heels for Christmas.


Alana McDuffee

Dear Santa,

I hope you will bring me a Lego City Police Prison Island, Lego City Crook Island, and some candy.  I have been good this year!


Evan Cave

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like some Shopkins, a Tablet, Shoes, Hachable, and the book How Did Santa Get His Job.

LOVE Harlee M.

Dear Santa,

I would like a MC 2 Spy bag, Flicker scooter, pink Beats, soccer ball and an mini iPad case. PLEASE!


Jolee Battle

Dear Santa,

        How are you and Mrs. Clause and your elves? I am good. I wish to have…Xbox 1S and I want Shopkins and stuffed shopkins. I also want emojis and art crafts. I also want a Mexican guitar and dress. Thank you, Santa I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


        Amaya Luna ?

Dear Santa,


Riley Bishop

Dear Santa,
This year I would like a helicopter, a transformer, a reindeer sweater, a tablet , paint, a little truck, a bunch of toys , a tv, Toys for my dog misty, hot wheels in my stocking and new toys.


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