Hello To All:



H.M.’s daughter came out on Friday and took us out to celebrate H.M.’s birthday.  We enjoyed a dinner at Beefmasters.  She spent the night so they had a good visits.  They played a couple games of Skip-Bo.  Too bad H.M. had to lose on this birthday but he is a good sport.



It has been a quite week out here.  A bit cooler and some wind.  Bring in some plants and cover the others.  The Accuweather said it would be down in the teens for the next couple of nights.

I am planning a trip to Dallas for my 6 month check up.  I don’t mind driving in the cold, but if it gets wet that is another story.

The 15th was my birthday and our anniversary date.  Judy had an eye doctor appointment at 3:45pm so we thought, we will go for the eye doc appointment and then go out for dinner at a nice place and then take in a movie.  The doctor ran us an hour late. So we drove past the restaurant we had in mind and it was too crowded.  Then we went HEB and picked up a couple of things.  My birthday dinner and our anniversary dinner ended up at What-a-burger.  The girl got both of our orders wrong  and that was more waiting.  Finally , we were served what we ordered.  It would be too long a wait to get in at the first of the next movie so we just trucked on back home.

I guess that Christmas will come.  Just doesn’t feel right not having Darr’s Christmas Moose out front.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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