Hello to all:


Been a quiet week out here.  And a cold one.  Temps were down in the teens a few times.  I have not heard of anyone with frozen water pipes but it isn’t over yet.  My former inside cats that now live outside are not too happy but they are okay. I inserted one box inside another and inside a third box and covered it with old carpet and put a cat bed inside. This is up on the back porch. They get in there and curl up together and do just fine.  I feed them a bit extra in the cold weather.


Everyone that I talked to that visited the Post Office Open House commented how nice it all looked and the snacks and punch were really good.  Ashton did  it all by herself.  Sorry to say that when I went to pick up my mail that I was the only one there.  That is usually a good chance to see everyone in Talpa and visit for a while.

Our new neighbor next door, John Maroni , was here for a few days to hunt birds.  Always enjoy seeing him.


A few observations from our local philosopher:

On the 23rd I was out about daylight in the out house and a raven fly by.  I heard his wings a flapping and a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh and his distinctive Caw Caw.

’85 – I fetched up 3 coon and 1 medium bobcat.

’88 – fetched up 10 coon, 1 big tail, 1 turkey dressed out 46 lbs.

’93 – sell snakes in Brady for $3.50 lb.  Eight snakes brought $28.00

’91 – Dallas lost

’94 – 24 coons

Ringtails  or fat tails– full grown are basically the same size.  Raccoons are  massive to small.


The other night, Judy heard a pack of coyotes out behind that wool/mohair barn by the railroad.


I am going to try for another trip to Dallas.  The weather is not cooperating with me and there is snow and ice all the way.  I will check the Highway conditions on Sunday before trying to make that trip.  Not looking to wreck up the truck when I can reschedule for later on.

Talpa Bob

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