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From Maureen:

Maureen says her pastor’s messages are right on the money lately.  He spoke this morning about FAITH and HOPE. The church attendance at Voss Baptist was down due to illnesses.  They will be having dinner at the church next week, bring a dish and join us.


It has been a quiet week out here.  A little cooler temps the last few days.

Maybe a couple of hard freezes will take care of the flea problem.  Still have a rat problem but not catching any, like before. Been catching birds, 3 or 4 a week.  So, I have put out a separate can lid with some nuts to try and attract them.  Hasn’t worked so far.  They are crawling under the car to get at bait.

Judy and I both have heard some scurrying up in the attic.  So, I went up and scattered some of the “one bite” bait and one trap.  Nothing so far.


Last week I shared a few lines of free verse composed by our local poet.  He informed me that he wasn’t finished with the second one.  Okay, I told him to go ahead and finish it up and I would add it in later.

However, here are a few of his adventures in trapping:


1995 Feb 1st  Get results- black cat was rabid so 3 of my family members get shots.

Feb 17 1985 – fetch 9 quail @ 3 shots

149 coon 13 ring tail 7 grey fox 1 – red

3 bobcats  1 possum $1,754.00

2-1-04 calling  – 2 grey fox1 big bob cat

2-1-03 catch 3 rattle snake

1989 220 coon 25 rt  4 bobcat $4678  hunt 30 nights

1988 113 coon 9r+  1 bobcat 1 coyote 1 possum 1 skunk $1147.00 20 nights


1989 74 coon  7R+   4 cat  1 grey  $553   8 nights hunting


Looks like I was in the wrong business all those years.  So it goes in

our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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