AUSTIN – State Representative Trent Ashby (Lufkin) has filed legislation that would remove the fee associated with hunting and fishing licenses for Texas’ volunteer firefighters.

House Bill 2013 would amend the Parks and Wildlife Code for the purpose of providing free hunting and fishing licenses for volunteer firefighters. A volunteer firefighter would qualify for the exemption after completing a full year of continuous service, while actively engaging in fire suppression. Additionally, qualifying firefighters must receive less than $5,000 in total compensation during a tax year from the fire department or firefighting unit that the firefighter serves.

“With six rural counties in my district, I have a deep appreciation for the work that our volunteer fire departments do to protect our citizens. This legislation is just a small way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the brave men and women who volunteer to help keep our communities safe.”

Currently, certain disabled veterans and active duty members of the United States armed forces qualify for a free hunting and fishing license. HB 2013 would extend the scope of qualified individuals to include volunteer firefighters.

“I think this is a great bill and I look forward to working with my colleagues at the state level to give back to the dedicated public servants who already give so much.”

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