My name is Jessica Goldbaum and I am a freelance musician who travels all over the state of Texas to perform with orchestras. I was driving on 158 on my way to Lubbock when I missed a turn onto 2111. Google Maps led me down 278 and I sure did get stuck in the mud. Now I’m a tiny, 110 pound girl from Florida who has never driven down a dirt road before and, let me tell ya, I didn’t get halfway down that road before I realized that I had made a big mistake. My Volkswagen Jetta sank into that mud deeper and deeper the more I revved my engine to get out, and I knew I had to try something else. I then gave the county sheriff’s office a call and spoke to an officer who knew exactly where I was and exactly what to do. In my moment of panic, he calmed me down with kindness, charm and a great sense of humor. It wasn’t long before a yellow tractor drove up and the county commissioner introduced himself. We got to talking and, by the time my car was chained up to that tractor and led back to 158, I felt like the hand of God led me to this chance meeting. I drove away knowing that West Texas is truly a blessed part of the world, that I had the great fortune of meeting some of Ballinger’s finest, and that, at least in your town, you can always call upon the law when in need.

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