In spite of a solid performance from Chance Parker with 15 points, Ballinger fell to Littlefield 69-57. Though Ballinger Bearcats Varsity finished strong, adding 28 points in the final quarter, it wasn’t enough to turn things around. The difference for Balliner was a first half that yielded only 12 points and a second quarter that delivered only 4.

Chance Parker paved the way for Ballinger, making 36% (5-for-14) of shots attempted while also sinking 60% (3-for-5) of free throws attempted. Deaundre Manley (8 points) and Sebastian Delgado (6 points) each contributed multiple three-pointers. Connor Kvapil went into double digits, scoring 13 points for Ballinger (3-for-9). Also contributing for Ballinger were Cole Cave (4 points), Kenyan Gonzales (3 points, 3 rebounds), Diego Alvarado (3 points), and Hagen Garvin (2 points). Ballinger finished the game with 33 rebounds (12 offensive / 21 defensive), two blocks and two steals.

This season, although it ended earlier than it could have, is still a success for Ballinger. Losing four seniors will be difficult, but next season will also return four sophomores from this year’s Varsity squad which will help to minimize the challenge.

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