Hello to All:


A word from Maureen:  BOO

Actually I called her and she said that she was so busy that she couldn’t

Say Boo.  So, I said it for her.

It has been a quiet week out here.  Still don’t have my truck fixed.  I have an appointment to take it in on Monday and just leave it until the problem is solved. The days have been warm and enjoyable.  I did get some mowing done.  Lots more to do though.


Judy put a “does any one have” on Facebook and a lady that answered the question about owning an old cook book.  Judy’s copy was lost in that fire.  It is “Better Crocker Picture Cook Book” dated 1950 .   There are recipes that the new cook books don’t have.  There are dishes that are going to be lost to time as there are not that many mothers take the daughters into the kitchen at an early age and start the learning lessons needed.  Judy also found on Facebook a “jumpy horse” that was in excellent condition.  We went right away to Ballinger and bought it .  It is a nearly new Radio Flyer

Horse on springs that the kids can bounce up and down on safely.  We are making arrangements to get it to OK for The Baby.

On Saturday we attended the birthday party for Lois Smith, her 80th.

It was a come and go sort of thing and a lot of people dropped in to wish her  Happy Birthday.  Lois is a charming lady.

On Hwy 67 going East out of Talpa, an 18 wheeler got upside down.

The highway was blocked for some time and traffic was routed around on County roads.  I understand no one was hurt but a good bit of the landscape got cultivated.

A small black and white cat got run over on the highway, about in front of 2nd avenue.  Mostly Black with some white.  Looked young and weighs only 5 lbs. or so.  I put her to rest in my pet cemetery marked unknown.  If someone is missing a cat by that description please contact me.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County


Talpa Bob

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