Hello To All:

A few words from Maureen:

Maureen went to the memorial service for her niece, Sandra Steward at Rockwood Cemetery on Saturday.  Judy sent down some of her good cooking and the girls served close to 90 friends and relatives.  The service was moving, Rex Stephenson spoke and most of her children gave tribute to their mother.  Lance McNelly and some of his siblings played their guitars and sang Silver Wings.  I will jump the creek now and say H M and I went to San Angelo on Sunday to attend the  5th birthday celebration

For her grand daughter Megan Baird. There was a sudden change in the weather and while the children seem to mind, the temperature dropped and we huddled from the draft and enjoyed the children as they played more or less oblivious to the cold.



It has been a quiet week out here.  On Friday we were socked in with a heavy fog.  Early in the morning , I could hardly see across the street. Our neighbor , Easley, leaves about 7:00 am to get to work.  He drives East on 67 and said the fog was so thick that he was slowed down to 45 – 50 mph and didn’t feel real safe at that . Easley said that cars and trucks were passing him in to a blind fog bank with no way of seeing a car or truck coming.  When he got to Valera, he came upon a big pile up of cars and trucks right at that cross road in front of Big O’s.  We learned later that there were no serious injuries.  Easley called his mother back here in Talpa and told her to take her time as traffic was being routed around Valera.


Last week we started on a story about a cat.  The cat’s name was Stiles and he was sort of a tan/white cat.  He was heard up in the hay loft in the barn and meowing and raising a fuss.  His owner put on some gloves and sort of scooted the cat down to the ground level. Said there was much protest and attempts to scratch and bite.  The cat started walking toward the house and was having trouble with his legs.  He walked like his legs were really heavy  and was dragging his feet.  He got over by the house and started a fight with the dog, Betsy , scratching and biting.  The next day the cat was nearly dead so he was taken to Ballinger to the vet.  The vet put the poor critter down to be merciful.   The head was sent to Austin and the cat was found to be rabid.  The dogs had to come in and take shots, just like a person would.

So,  he  was smart wearing those heavy gloves.  Never did see what bit the cat to give him rabies.  Could have been a skunk or another cat roaming around.  But the warning is that if you see a dog or cat displaying odd behavior, don’t run over to give aid and assistance with out proper protection, like gloves, chaps and boots, maybe a hard hat.


I was without my truck for a week.  Judy kept telling me that she was hearing a grinding noise and thought it was the transmission.  Took it in to the Gray’s Transmission shop in San Angelo and the mechanic told me that he could hear the noise but it wasn’t the tranny.  Ended up at the Ford Dealership in San Angelo.  It was the rear end /differential.  I won’t go into one or two of the steps to get it to the knowledgeable mechanic, just say if you got a Ford, take it to the Ford dealership.  The truck is quiet now and runs well.  I have to keep it repaired and stay on maintenance schedule or go back to work to buy a new one.  I have just over 157,000 and still runs

good and doesn’t burn oil.  Gas millage is about like when it was new.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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