The Runnels County Historical Commission met Saturday, March 18 at the Casa Cabana Restaurant in Winters with nine appointees and five guests present. 

Ruth Cooper opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m.  Randal Connor led the prayer and Beverly Teplicek led the pledges to the flags.

Ruth turned the meeting over to Randall and Susan Conner.  In January of this year, they had gone to Cuba.  They gave a slide show of their very interesting trip.  After their program, they answered questions. 

Dr. James Hays gave a short program on Sargent Charles Stull and his gun, an 1894 model .38 long colt. 

The minutes were read by Beverly Teplicek in the absence of secretary, Alton O’Neil.   Anthony Lange gave the treasurer’s report.

The commission is currently seeking information of cemeteries in Runnels County.  Commission appointees will be checking into the history of the more than 45 cemeteries in the county.

The next scheduled meeting of the RCHC will be May 13, 2017 with a place to be announced later. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

All meetings of the Runnels County Historical Commission are open to the public.

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