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From Maureen:


H.M. and Maureen spent the weekend in San Saba where they visited with Vivian and Glenda (two of his daughter).  Maureen felt ill and spent a lot of time in bed.  She and H.M. came home early as possible on Sunday.  H.M.’s daughter Rhonda and son in law Donald of Richland Springs came early on Saturday and they enjoyed a nice visit.


It has been a quiet week out here.  I did get in some more mowing and weed whacking.   Then just as I related to you the warning to watch out for snakes, Esley, from across the road got him one.  He was going to walk up the two steps to the porch and when his boot was on the first step, something hit him just about ankle high.  He looked down and there was a little rattler , maybe 18’, and it coiled back up to strike again and Esley said that he stepped on the snakes head.  The first hit did not penetrate his jeans or work boot.

I think that what happened is that the first bite on that old dirty, sweaty, greasy stinky boot is what killed the snake.  Had it penetrated the boot and hit the sock it would also have mummified it.   Just kidding Esley.  That was too easy and couldn’t  it pass up.

Had it been 30 minutes earlier, Jessica and Ashlyn would have been walking up in that exact same place.  The advice from my friend down the road to watch where you step proved to be on spot.

He said that this week the mesquite trees have been putting out green so maybe winter is whupped for now.  He has seen some birds but not the main one which is the scissortail fly catcher.  He mentioned that Talpa Lake was at the highest level in a long time.  Esley got a chance to go over with his dad and do some fishing.  Esley said that he caught the most fish.  I think he said eight sun perch and a couple of bass.

My friend from down the road was telling me that he went to Big O’s to get a couple of chopped brisket sandwiches.  Said that he sat down and that O was making him a good deal over three sandwiches that were already made but had gotten cold waiting to be picked up. They made a deal and O went off to heat up the sandwiches and my friend noticed a young guy standing right beside him.   “What do you say” , asked my friend. The boy said, “you are in my seat”.  You don’t want to make anyone mad so he just moved to another table.  Big O came back and was told the story and O said, “that is my grandson”.  I don’t know if that would have made any difference or not but the youngster gets a good grade for standing up for his claim.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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