Hello to All:


From Maureen


We have been watching a movie and wish it would continue.  It’s a good one.

Church this morning was great.  Only one thing, Pastor Dave was not well.

We pray for his health.

When we got back from church, Pluto, our dog met us in the yard.  Good dog, he was behaving well.

We had a visitor at Good News Club this past week.

It has been a quiet week out here.  Just busy mowing yards.  I did two in Ballinger and the one next door to me out here and then there is still my yard to take care of.

I drove over to Winters and picked up a lovely glass case to display tea cups or something like that.  Judy said to be very careful because that curved glass can not be replaced.  You have never seen a glass cabinet packed so well.  I didn’t drive over 45 mph the whole way back.

Oswald, a guy who is doing some work next door, showed me a snake skin.

It was small maybe 12” long.  It looked sort of strange.  I asked, “Why skin such a small snake?”  Oswald replied that the didn’t skin it, he beat it to death with a 2 x 4 .    Flattest snake I have ever seen.  It was under some scrap lumber on the patio.


My friend down the road stopped by and loaned me a couple of his books.

One is the US Army Corp of Engineers draft of the environmental impact when Stacy Reservoir was being considered.  I have thumbed through it and hope to find some points of interest to report.  Of course it is now known as Lake Ivie.

There was a small town there named Stacy. I know a guy who lived there.

When I first moved to Talpa he suffered  me to drive over and take some pictures of places he remembered as a boy.  Most of it is under water now.

There is only a hint of a foundation for a couple of buildings and all the rest of it is gone.  They did a study on every type of animal, plant , reptile, fish, insect and other critters as to what the impact would be on them.

The other book looks to be the 1924 Cactus, published by the Students of the University of Texas. It is more than a college yearbook.  This is an all inclusive documentation of everyone on the campus and all activities.  It is about 4” thick  Some of the pages are stuck together so I am going slow and trying to not tear any.  There are many pictures of buildings that are no longer there. There are many signatures on the blank pages and on the borders.  Really interesting  is the dress from that period and the hair styles.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.


Talpa Bob


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