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From Maureen:

We wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

The folks at church enjoyed dinner on the grounds today.  Judy and I were in San Angelo on Friday and had a massage.  Afterwards I went to H.M.’s dietician.  She is always helpful and both our weights were going in the right direction.

H.M. and I had a visitor also last week, on old friend, R.V. Rogers.  We enjoyed our visits from days gone by.  He was involved in the Mozelle School where we both attended.

It has been a quiet week out here.  The milder weather seems to be enjoyed by everyone.  Still going with the windows up and have yet to turn on the A/C.   Hope to avoid that for a few more weeks.

I was watching my cats watch the birds up under our carport.  They are Barn Swallows.  Pretty little birds that build  nests out of mud balls.  They incorporate string, long stems of grass and what ever they can find to add stability.  Then they line the nest with feathers.   It looks like half of a bowl stuck up on the 2 x 6 .  We have 4 chicks for the first round this spring.

They are getting big now on a steady diet of insects.  There are 5 to 6 adults who take turns feeding the chicks.  I think that they are probably last years chicks that have grown up.  I also think that the same birds come back year after year to the same nest.  They would make a big mess but I placed a 5 gal barrel under the nest and all the waste goes directly into the big plastic liner that I puts in the barrel.
I got into bird watching when I lived in Richardson.   You wouldn’t think that’s you would attracts many birds in a suburban area, but we were a block from  Cottonwood Creek.  Put the right food out and they will come.  My neighbor, Susie, asked me to put up an owl house that she had bought at a local pet supply store.  Okay, I will put it up, but you have to expect that the sparrows may find it first.  She said to put it up high on the South side of the tree.  So, I did as requested.  We waited a day and on the morning of the second day we went out to see if we had attracted anything and there was the cutest little

Screech Owl  peeping out at us.  They were a couple and soon we could tell from the activity that they had eggs and that soon they  hatched.   Now and then we would see a tiny little head peeking out with the mother or father right above them.  When they fledged, they would perch on the lower limbs on one of the trees in the back yard.  They didn’t seem to be afraid of us and would often perch right above our heads while sitting out in lawn chairs.  We enjoyed them for a number of years.  We also attracted birds that the bird book says “you will only see these birds in the high mountains

of Colorado”.   We have a very good variety of birds out here in Coleman County.  We will talk about them as time permits.  But I will say that the roadrunner is my favorite. He catches and eats mice.

Do you recall that my friend down the road found a yearbook, laying out in the yard in the mud and grass.  I have been able to determine that it belonged to a Mrs. Sudie Evans Lowrie.  The book is not in very good shape but I was thinking that the family might want to have that one yearbook as Mrs. Lowrie graduated that year with a B.A. and was from Talpa.  I will be doing my research but would appreciate any information that someone may have available as to the family of Mrs. Lowrie.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.


Talpa Bob

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