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A few words from Maureen:

Maureen says Saturday was the best day of he week.  H.M. took her to the open house in Voss.  It was good to hear about the history of Voss as told by Jerry Allen,  Bob Turner and several of the locals.  The open house was well attended , especially for a small community.  Did you know that the cash crops in Voss were cotton, sheep and goats to name a few.  As Maureen visited with old friends, she picked up stories from the past.  One being about William Feller’s dad who was turning into his regular parking spot at the backdoor of the Voss store  when he noticed smoke coming from the back door of the store.  Sure enough a pretty good size fire was making an appearance but of course a 42 game was in progress but no one noticed it.  He put it out using an axe which he always carried in the bed of his pickup.  His dog was also in the back of the pickup  but was not as much help as the axe.  Needless to say, the 42 players were surprised to have their game interrupted  in such a manner.  The rest of the evening was spent in Rowena where they met up with cousins and other kin and enjoyed a meal at Lowake’s.  The  together part was enjoyable.  Afterwards they came back to Talpa and finished the day with ice cream.

It has been a quiet week out here.  Some nice cool days and just a bit of rain.

One day we received ¾ “ rain and then we were blesses with another 1” .

I had just finished some major mowing so the timing was good on that.

You will recall the story a couple of weeks ago about a skunk.  Well, I think it was the same skunk that showed up across the road at Esley’s place.

He was telling me that one night his dog was barking her head off .  Looked at the clock and it was about 3:30am.  The dog was keeping his wife awake so he took action.  Dressed in his undies and flip flops he had a flashlight in one hand and a pistol in the other.  Hoping that no one would see him,  he started searching for what his dog was barking at.  Just right off he smelled a skunk.

Oh no…why did it have to be a skunk.  Looking here and there he was over by a dog house and the front was plywood and had an opening for the door.

The skunk stuck its head out and with out  a moments hesitation, Esley reached down and picked that skunk up by its head, gave it two or three roundie rounders and popped it neck.  Took the skunk over by the fence and put a shovel of dirt over it.  Then he realizes what he just did.  The skunk could have been rabid and bitten him and that would be a disaster .  Or the skunk could have sprayed him, but it didn’t .  The next day he went out with a gallon of vinegar to wash the dogs off and of all things, the dogs didn’t get sprayed, just the immediate area.. . so he sprinkled the vinegar around to try and smother some of the skunk stink.  The skunk got put in a plastic bag and was deported to some unknown spot and reburied.

I had the live trap down the road to try and catch an armadillo that has been cultivating the yard of Dale and Arletta Herring.  I didn’t have any worms so I tried cat food and an old banana, hoping it would attract insects which the armadillo would go after.  I didn’t find where he was coming into the yard from.  Find that and place the cage there and he will walk right in.  Didn’t work so far.  Something came back to my patio and making a mess.  I suspect another possum.  Retrieved the trap and will set it out tonight and see if I can catch him.   Then go back over to the Herring’s place and see if I can find where the armadillo  is coming from.  He has been digging holes all over the yard, so it isn’t all that easy.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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