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From Maureen:

H.M. and Maureen Duncan attended the Steward Family Reunion over the weekend.  Attendance was down this year because of Graduations, etc.

However, they saw cousins that they haven’t seen for a long while.  One, a cousin from Silver City N.M. and others from Houston and Odessa.

They left home in pouring rain which lasted all the way to Eden.  On Friday night they were awakened by a severe thunder storm around 4:00am.  No more sleep for that night.  It truly sounded like the sky was falling.  The children had fun in the water(Rio Frio River) tubing. The adults played dominoes and the women exchanged recipes and news.


It has been a quiet week out here.  Quiet but busy.  First thing was that Galen’s goats got loose again.  I was trying to get them rounded up and Kenneth Dye comes around the back of the corral and started shaking a plastic bucket with a couple of hands full of cube feed.  Those goats followed him like he was the Pied Piper of Coleman County leading the goats right into his pen. Them he threw a hand full of cubes in the trailer and they jumped in there like it had been rehearsed. Ken has been a lot of help in this area of keeping goats off the highway.  I was going to let them stay in the back yard and eat weeds for a few more hours but they got to moving around , so I  had to take care of that.

Over at the Rafter H ranch, we trapped opossum #3.  He went to join up with the other 2 at Talpa lake.  Then Sunday morning they called and said that we had a big raccoon in the trap. I went over. His eyes were scared and he was cowering in a corner of the trap.  He was just hungry.  I told him to take it easy, we were not going to hurt him.  Took him to the lake to play with the opossums.  Tim Smith was there again, fishing with his dad and his wife.  He helped me set the raccoon lose and I was going to take a video… got in a hurry and took a good video of my feet.  I told Dale Herring that I would get Esley to make us a tiny little branding iron and put

his brand on the possums and raccoons.  Put them in that empty corral of his and charge 50¢ a head to look at them.  Maybe add an armadillo or snake.


On Wednesday last, I made a quick one day trip to Dallas to see my doctor.  Been having a bit of trouble and was really worried that this might

require surgery.  I was very relieved to find out that it was just a strained muscle and to just take it easy a few days and apply ice pack.  That trip is about 4 hours each way.

On Friday I drove to Austin.  The purpose was to attend my grandson Gerod’s

High school graduation.  This was to start at 8:00 in the morning.  Who scheduled this?  Well, there were to be four different schools holding graduation there at the big HEB center.  I got there at 7:00am and the line to go in the door was all the way to the end of the parking lot, going left and right.  Then they had three security guys at each door.  We were scanned and looked over just like we were going to board an airline.  After the news the pasts few days, I was happy to see the security guys take it seriously. There were no incidents.  They also picked up all the air horns, etc.  It was noisy enough in there.  The arena holds seats for 8,000 and it was standing room only.  There were  510 graduates so I don’t know how that works out but the place was packed. This was for the 2017 graduating class from Vista Ridge.

Very proud of my grandson.  He is a National Honor Society member as well as being awarded the Texas Scholars Medallion.  He will also receive a scholarship to attend North Texas University in Denton  this fall.  So far both of my grandsons who graduated from High School received scholarships.

We all had lunch at B J’s Bar-B-Que and then back to my son David’s house to open graduation gifts.  Had a great time and after a few hours I headed back.  I have had enough traveling for awhile.    So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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