Hello to All:

A few words from Maureen:

H.M. and Maureen attended church at Talpa on Sunday.  Afterwards they went to lunch at Alejandra’s.  They were accompanied by Mary and David Gresham, Alivia De Los Santos and Janise James.  They went to the Centennial Reunion on Saturday.  The reunion is always held at the Valera Baptist Church on the second Saturday in June.  Centennialites can expect to be reminded by Edmond Collins each May.

Speaking of being reminded, I’ll take this opportunity to remind you to stay hydrated during the hot weather we have been having.

It has been a quiet week out here.  A bit warmer, but if you live in West Texas expect it to be warm and you won’t be disappointed.  We did get a blowing rain one evening.  It found that one same spot under the eve of the dormer

on the East side of the house.  Flooded the ceiling over the shower again.

I asked Rudy to come over and have a look.  He said that the roofing guys that fixed it the last time used the wrong stuff to close it off.  Said it needed to be the something flex stuff so that when it gets hot it won’t dry up and separate.

So, some Saturday soon he will come over and do it right.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…the Rafter H ranch that is.  This week we trapped two more possums and two little raccoons together.  They were scared but I told them that it would be okay, I wasn’t going to hurt them.

Took their picture and took them to the lake to play with that one larger raccoon from last week and  a bunch of possums. On Sunday night another little raccoon got in the trap looking for a free meal.

Our friend Wesley from the Ballinger post office was here for a couple of days to give Ashton a day off.  A one person office will wear you down after a while.

I am reading in “A History of Coleman County and its People”  There are many people who contributed to putting together this wonderful two volume  history of the County.  I found several interesting stories of the the Herring family.  Dale was kind enough to fill in some of the blank spots and gave me permission to  relate some of the stories.  To tell them all at one time would

take away some of the  interest from one story to the next .

One that I found  interesting  was the marriage of his father to his mother.

Edgar Otto Herring married Cora Belle Dancer in a buggy , in Talpa on May 7, 1916.  Dale explained that his father didn’t have a car at the time and they wanted to get married , so they drove the buggy up to the Baptist church and the preacher came out and stood on the steps and married them as they sat in the buggy.  From there they journeyed on to their honeymoon in Valera

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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