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It has been a quiet week out here.  The heat increases so my outside activity  is starting a little earlier.  I did get the grass/weeds cut down in “The Great Outback”, meaning the last 150 ft or so to the railroad tracks.  The train starts most of the grass fires out here so I don’t want dead weeds 2’ tall to burn towards the house.  Now most everything is dead, except the mesquite.  I was watching the activity  of a couple of bunny rabbits.  They were playing tag and having a good time. During one break in the action and they were just looking around, the roadrunner came zooming by.  They both jumped about 4’ straight up.  I don’t think the RR even saw them. He had a lizard in his beak.

One day last week, I drove our friend Dale Herring to San Angelo for a couple of appointments.  In one waiting room I struck up a conversation with Earl Childs.  We were discussing yards and I commented that I didn’t try to  grow flowers or shrubs.  They just don’t do well in this dry heat we have been having.  I grow several cacti around the yard.  Makes sense, plant what does well out here.  He was interested and was knowledgeable

on the subject of cactus.  The lady who worked there, Vida Lake was also in the conversation.  We passed a good  hour talking while I waited for Dale.

Speaking of Dale, last week I mentioned that his dad married his mother in a buggy.  Her name was Cora Belle Dancer.  When her family immigrated from Germany and they were being processed in, the agent asked for the family name and it was given in the

German pronunciation as Dantzer.  The agent heard Dancer and recorded the name that way.   The spelling was never corrected.

The original spelling of  Herring was Hering.

This last week I deported two more raccoons, caught just outside Dale’s back door. We may have to start putting ear tags on them to make sure we are not catching the same ones over and over.  They would have to be sniffing their way home for over 9 miles.

Add one more raccoon that got captured Saturday night. I think that is number 7 that has been deported.

I have still not been able make arrangements for the lady to pick up that College Year Book from 1924.  She is in Ft Worth and I will be going through there in July and will try to make arrangements to meet her and give her the book.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob

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