Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here  May have to change my name from Talpa Bob To Trapper Bob.  Seems like I spend a good amount of time catching critters and then deporting them.  This week I think we captured  four raccoons and a couple of possums.

One raccoon that was of adult size, somehow got into the small trap that was for large rats.  He was wearing  the trap.  If he stuck his feet through the holes, he could have walked off.  Caught a very young possum on Saturday night.  Little guy was very afraid and he seemed to actually calm down with me talking to him.

“Not going to hurt you little fellow, just be calm.  I will take you to a new home where your momma and daddy are”.  Took a video of him getting out of the cage and looking around, picked a good clump of bushes and waddled on his way.  That video would be a winner on “ World’s Funniest Animal Video” . When I got back to the Herring ranch to reset the trap, the path that I take around the house there was a snake skin on it.  The snake skin was not there when I went to pick up the trap.  Looked around very carefully….he was in the neighborhood.  Told Dale to look real close if he got outside.  I put it on the tailgate to take a pic and it nearly went from one side of the tailgate to the other side.

Still hearing stories of rattlers that don’t rattle.

One day Judy and I went to Cross Plains to Bob & Lavonne Childress place.  They grow everything…pecans, peaches , blackberries and ornamental trees.  A couple of weeks ago Judy went and got some blackberries.  She had been trying to get a phone call in to  Bob and they were doing the “miss a call, call you back and he would miss that…finally made a connection but he said that he was not going to pick any more peaches.  Getting too ripe and said you would lose a lot of them before you got to town.

If you want to come out and pick your own, I will give you a good price per bushel.  But expect to lose a lot of them.

Took a chance anyway and picked enough to load the backend of the pickup.  He was right, a lot of them were too ripe to bother with , but we picked them anyway.  We peeled and  cut them up and vacuum bagged them over two days.  We have about 30 or so bags of 4 cups each in the freezer.  Probably lost only about a bushel or so altogether.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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