Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  Long, hot and quiet.  Well, on one day we did receive ½” rain.  That cooled us off for about an hour.  Take what you get and be thankful, it could have been nothing.

Last week I was going to change my name to “Trapper” Bob.  That may fit even better now.  I think the latest count is 14 raccoons, 8 opossums and 1 skunk.  Except for the skunk, I am releasing all of them in about the same area.  The last raccoon was a big fellow, old and had a lot of grey.  He must be the grandpa and there couldn’t be many more.  Could there?

My smaller cat, Tobi, caught a rabbit and brought it to me to show off.  It was still alive so I took it away from her.  The rabbit was nearly as large as Tobi.   Told her, “we don’t eat bunnies, just rats”.  She looked at me and stalked off.  The rabbit was alive so I took it and did a little respiration  on it and it started moving more.  I took it way out and put it down in the shade of a mesquite tree.  In a  little while it sat up and looked around.  It’s first try to walk wasn’t too good.  After a half hour it sort of hobbled on.  I made the cats leave it alone.  The roadrunner just sat and watched.

About the only “people action” was that Esley and Jessica took Cross and Ashlyn to the Abilene Zoo.  I think that Esley is gonna have to get rid of those dogs and get Cross a giraffe.  They pretty much have a three ring circus going all the time anyway.

That  not so big rain storm that we had was a bit more aggressive out West.  My sister lives in Odessa and she called and said that they had hail stones in the tennis ball to softball size.  Said she feared that the roof was going to completely cave in.  The whole roof is ruined and a number of trees and the outbuilding.  The girl next door had left her car out by the curb and it suffered a lot a damage.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob


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