Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here. The few storms that did build up somehow split off about Ballinger and went around us. I don’t think that we even got the 2/64th like we did last week. So, I try to get out early and do any outside work early. Like mowing .
I do have a couple of tomato plants that I have been nursing along. The plants now have real tomatoes, about the size of a ping pong ball but they are growing. I also planted a couple of cactus but I don’t think that they are taking root. They are the ones that look like one straight spear sticking up. I put plant grow stuff in the water and tried to water them when I could think of it. Leave them in there and maybe they will be okay.
I am not know for having a “green thumb”.
On Facebook there were some pictures that a fellow published.
The pics were of a GREEN diamond back rattlesnake. That is all we need is a rattler with better camo that before. You can see the diamond shape on the back and the rattles. When did this happen? They were in Colorado when they came upon them.
I think that we could do some genetic engineering and develop a bright orange or red snake so that guys like me that don’t hear very well or see too good will have a chance of detecting them and not stepping on one. Or louder rattles, say like maracas.
I seem to have more wasp trying to build nest around under the carport than usual. I went through one spray can just pretty quick. Going back and start buying them 3 at a time. They shoot a big gob of foam on them and not many escape. But it seems that I don’t get but 3 good sprays and it is empty. That is from 20’.
Maybe it would use less if I got closer, but the sight of 20 or so wasp doesn’t make me want to get very close as I can’t run all that fast anymore.
I got the guys that are working next door to come over and do some work on my roof. That one pace in the East side had been a problem ever since and even the crew that put on a new roof a year or so ago were supposed to fix it so it didn’t leak and ruin my bathroom ceiling again. It is a thing called a dohmer, like a fake window to make it look like a two story house. I have faith in these two guys and that I won’t have anymore leaks. Besides, I told Rudy that if it rained and started leaking , I was going to come get him and make him sit up there with an umbrella.
So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County
Talpa Bob

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