Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  A bit more warm than I would care for but it is what it is.  My old friend that lives in far Northern Idaho complains when it gets 50º below zero, so take your pick.


I caught the largest opossum so far.  We have a 55 gal. trash barrel beside the back porch and a 55gal plastic bag in it.  I noticed that the bag had been pulled or knocked down into the bottom of the barrel.  So I go over and start to reach down and

WHOA…what is this running around in the bottom of the barrel?

A possum.  Now what?  All I had to put him in is a broken trap that I have been working on.  How to get him from the barrel to the trap?  I reached down and thumped him on the top of his head and he collapsed and played “Dead Possum”… I picked him up by the tail and dropped him into the trap.  The door on it closes good, it was the “trip plate” that was not working.  So, I took him to the lake and put him out with the other 10 or so possums that have been deported. It must be like “old home week” to them.


I would ask everyone who reads Talpa Talk to please take a minute and offer a prayer for the health of Maureen Duncan.

She is going through a very difficult time.


The other day Judy noticed that a man in a pickup was stopped on the South side of Hwy 67 and had his hood up, which means “I have a mechanical problem”.  So I picked up a  sack of tools and drove on down to see if I could lend a hand.  Met a fine gentleman named Ron Hart.  Said the truck was running fine and  I think he went to the back of the truck to get a cold water out of the ice chest.  When he got back in, the motor wouldn’t even go unnnn.  Or click click.  I pulled my truck around in front of him and we put his jumper cables on and let it charge a bit.  Nothing.   He took the battery cables loose from the terminals and cleaned them and the posts.   It looked like the battery had plenty of juice, it just wouldn’t turn the motor over.  Ron said that the truck “brain” must have had a spasm.  Fortunately, he could call an associate in San Angelo to either come get him and take him to Eastland or bring a transport truck and load his truck up and take them on.

We were talking to pass the time and he mentioned that he was working some in Pecos.  Said he had a couple of plants there and he deals with crushed stone and asphalt products.  Do say?  I told Ron that I was born and reared in Pecos.  We talked about what is left of Pecos now…not much.   His associate showed up with a huge trailer and for some reason, Ron put his truck from P to  N and tried it again.  Shazam, it fired up like a champ. So he drove it up the ramp on the trailer.  I said that I wouldn’t trust it either, get it to the shop and hook it up to a computer and go from there.

He asked what he owed me and I told him that his “Thanks” and a handshake was sufficient.  He said that he comes this way often enough and would bring me a couple of Pecos cantaloupes.  Now that is something that I can’t turn down.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.
Talpa Bob

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