Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  For sure summer should have been over with a couple of weeks ago.  Coming back from Angelo the other day the truck gauge registered 107º.  Do we have Al Gore to thank for this?  And all that rain down along the coast and we are out here dying with no rain at all.  Yeah, I know, 51” is a little too much but we could handle, say 15” with no problem.

I have a cousin that lives in Florida.  I have not been in contact with her in way too many years.  Did some calling around and she lives in Jacksonville, right where that second hurricane Irma turned and went East, right on Jacksonville.   Called and she answered right away.  It seems that on one side of the river that runs thru Jacksonville is higher than the other.  Her side was high and dry and had power.  On the other side of the river they had 5’ of water in the houses and won’t have power for weeks.  Her name is  Kathryn.   When they were small, her sister couldn’t say sister, she said Teastie.

So, I have a 91 year old cousin that is known to many as just

Teastie and they don’t know her given name.  Her late husband was called Herkie, but that is another story.  I had a picture in my mind  of this little gray haired 91 year old lady trudging through the street in 5’ of water with the cat on top of her head.  She just laughed at me.  Teastie gave me the phone number of her sister Margaret’s daughter. Margaret, who is now deceased was, always called Speedy.  So, I am now in touch with my second cousin, Cheryl, who I have not talked to in too many years.    She is just a few years younger than me.  They called my oldest brother Ben, Bunky.  The next older brother who was 1/16” shorter than Ben was forever known as Shorty.

I also called an old high school buddy who lives in Mauriceville, which is just south of Orange, TX.  He said that he just climbed the power pole outside the house and turned off power  as the water was only 5” from coming in and it would short everything out. He said that he had the fridge up on cinder blocks and the tv on top of the fridge. Then he was going to grab his two dogs and hope that old Dodge 4 x 4 would pull through the water and mud on the road.  He made it, I found out a couple of days later.

So, the people I know who could have been in serious trouble all made it through the hurricanes with no real problems.  Not everyone was so lucky.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.


Talpa Bob

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