Hello to All:


It has been a quiet week out here.  The heat is trying to lessen as the first day of fall came to Talpa.  We did have a bit of excitement  one day.  A lightning strike started a grass fire.  The fire was North of Hwy 67.  The wind was blowing the flame North NE.

The Texas Forest Service sent 4 big bulldozers and a grader.  They were to blade a fire break if possible.  I saw fire departments from several towns out here trying to help.  The fire came up to the back fence of the Rafter H ranch of Dale Herring.  His daughter and granddaughter were in the house taking down all the pictures from the walls and getting them to a safe place. Insurance will buy you more furniture or clothes..no good way to replace that many generations of pictures.  As luck would have it, the wind shifted at the back fence line about a mile from the house.  A 20 mph wind will carry a fire faster than a man on a horse can run, so there was really no time to waste or hope that the wind changed.

They were working on hot spots all night long and part of the next day.  I understand that about 1,000 acres were burned. A couple days later on the South side of Hwy 67 about 2 miles East of Talpa there was another fire but it was jumped on before it had time to really get going. Out thanks to all the men from the various fire departments and the volunteer departments for coming out and

helping to put what could have been a really bad fire.


On a recent Saturday Judy and I went to Ballinger’s park.  The lady that she stays with a couple of days a week, Mrs. Jodi Redman, was celebrating her 91st birthday.  It was a nice day, mostly cloudy

and a light breeze.  A lady named Norma who stays with Jodi on Saturdays was there with us.  We had a nice lunch and there was a birthday cake with just the numbers “91” on it..  Jodi declared that 90 was enough and that she was going to start going backwards, so this will be her 89th birthday. Sounds like a good idea to me.  Jack Benny always claimed he was just 39.  That works for me.

Now, on a nondescript Sunday afternoon we are receiving a nice slow rain.  It is four or five days late but we will take it and say thanks for it.

Judy reports that the shingles symptoms linger on.  Google it up and it can last days, weeks or months.  Rats.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.


Talpa Bob

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