Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Mostly cloudy and drippy.

Not really raining but it was steady moisture coming down.

The leaves went from green to yellow and by Friday they were all on the ground in a soggy mess. Rain gauge measured 1 ½ “.   To wet to rake or do anything else with them except stand there and cuss them.  I think that this was our fall season.  Move right on to winter , I expect.

You will recall a couple of weeks ago I told of a couple of items recovered by our friend down the road.  One was a year book

Dated 1924  and the other was a bible with some interesting

Items still filed between the pages.

The bible was previously discussed and why I presented it to Amy Sensabaugah.  I retained the year book for  Jean Eden Candler.

The names were given to me by the Herring’s a few months ago.  Jean grew up in Talpa and her family was known by the Herrings’s and most of the people in town.  The name of the original owner of the 1924 year book was Sudie Lowery.  She was one of Jean Eden’s grandfathers sisters. So Sudie would be Jean’s great aunt. Amy is Jean’s sister ,Ann Green,  youngest daughter.

Last Monday Jean’s daughter, Jana, drove from Houston to Ft Worth and picked up Jean and drove back to Talpa to the Herring’s house.  Judy fixed us a very tasty lunch and we had a really nice visit getting to know each other.  The yearbook was not in very good shape but as it would happen, the page with Sudie’s graduation picture was undamaged.

Jean thought that she knew someone who could restore it to a better condition.  This is after it was found out in the driveway, in a mud puddle for no telling how many years.  I would say that for a book to be 93 years old and found outside that it was in good shape as you could expect. The main thing is that the serendeptious  finding of these items ended in them being returned to the family.  Both Jean and Amy have said that they will share the items with the rest of the family.  I think that it is just a neat way for the recovery of the items to be resolved.  One of the reasons that I trouble you with all the names is that a lot of people grew up in Talpa and went to school with them or did business with them at the bank or grocery store.  Everyone said to pass their thanks to the guy down the road for bringing the yearbook and the bible to my attention..

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob

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