Ballinger started off strong again, only to fade down the stretch. Despite holding the lead twice in the first half the Bearcats were unable to hold up in the second half and ultimately lost the game 38-20.

After some back and forth between the two teams, Reagan County opened scoring after a 26 yard touchdown run. A missed two-point conversion by the Owls would allow Ballinger to take the lead a short time later as Xavier Nunez was able to score on the ground to make it 7-6. Ballinger would again score on a run by Nunez and extend their lead 13-6 in the second quarter. However, a tough defensive series for the Bearcats allowed the Owls to score again a minute later. Reagan County converted the 2 points and took the lead 14-13 for the final lead change of the game. Ballinger would turn the ball over on their next possession on what looked to be a missed call on the referees. Driving downfield with a completed pass on the Owls 25 yard line, to all eyes it looked as if the receiver was down before the ball came out, but the ball was given to the Owls regardless. Reagan County would then spend the remaining time in the quarter to drive downfield and extend their lead 20-13.

Another score by the Owls after halftime would give them a 26-13 lead in the game. Ballinger would answer on a third TD run by Nunez making the game 26-20 with over 7 minutes left in the third quarter, but Ballinger would not score again in the contest.

Reagan County would score again in the third and once more late in the fourth quarter to give us a final score of 38-20.

Ballinger gets a much needed week off now to prepare for the remaining district schedule. They will take the field next on the road against Texas Leadership Charter Academy at the old Lake View Stadium in San Angelo on October 27th.

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