Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Well, mostly quiet and we will get into that in a minute.  Last weekend Judy and I picked up pecans at a residence in Ballinger where she takes care of the lady who lives there.  There are a couple of big pecan trees that make the big paper shell pecans.  We gathered a good six 5 gallon buckets last weekend. Today we added another 5 gallon bucket of pecans.  Now to find someone to come crack them.

I think she already has someone in mind.

As usual, I can depend on good old Esley from across the street to do something to talk about.  The first thing was he sent a text saying to not worry about the shotgun  blast we just heard.  It seems that his pet rooster has been giving them some trouble.

First he jumped on Esley and left a good mark or two on his shins.  Then the rooster made a run at daughter, Ashlyn.  Esley took an old ax handle and wacked the rooster a good one and knocked it half way across the yard.  The dum dum got up and made another run at Esley.  At that point the rooster’s fate was sealed. Esley comes out with his .12 gage shoot gun.  Took him three shots.  I asked how can that  be? The chicken is easily 4 times as big as a dove.  Well, said he kept ducking.  Said that one shot scalped the chicken.  Not a drop of blood but it took all the feathers off the top of his head.  Finally got a good angle and dispatched the rooster.  Well then, Esley cleaned up the rooster and split him open.  He was going to cook the breast.  Said that rooster was mostly sinews, muscle and tendons.

Not much meat at all.  I suggested that he put it on the grill.

Nope , not worth the charcoal  to cook it.  I asked if that rooster had a name.  Yes, Ashlyn  called him “Crock Pot”.  So there you go.

Esley is always good for a story.  Right now he is out there on a flimsy extension ladder trying to put up Christmas lights around the house and carport.  Told him that I was going to be filming all of this in expectation that he was going to trip with that double arm load of lights and come off the top rung and perform a backward two and a half gainer in the tucked position that Greg Loganis would be proud of… and crater out that driveway.  Maybe not, he seems to be holding on pretty good.  The lights are wrapped around his neck and the ladder, should hold him on okay.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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