Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  I guess everyone is doing their last minute Christmas shopping.  We had a couple of big dogs running loose around here for a couple of days.  One was a big black lab looking dog and the other was a huge brown that looked like a pit bull.  They were scavenging for something to eat.  They did tear open a garbage sack but I sort of shooed them off.  They did not come toward me or make any threating moves.   They were wearing collars but no dog tags and no home ID.  I actually had to grab the brown dog’s collar and pull him up and lead him off my backyard.

After a couple of days a woman in a small red hatchback of some kind was driving very slowly around and here come the dogs.  They belonged to her and she said that she had been looking for them for a couple of days.  She had just moved to Talpa.   No real harm done.  So, all is well that ends well, I guess. Mrs Smith, the owner, was happy to have her dogs back and penned up.

On Saturday night I drove over to Ballinger.  I took Judy and the lady she was careing for, Mary, to the  Carnegie Library.  The Runnels County CPS Board was the sponsor and the event was to raise funds for Child Welfare.   This stage was set like an old fashioned living room with rocking chairs and a old TV set with rabbit ears and tinfoil on the antenna.  It was a Christmas carol theme and was performed by local people.

These are the men and women you see every day working

at their jobs.  The focus was for helping the children, not being a big star.  They  are the stars, the people who gave their time and effort to set this up and practice and give a lot of personal time to for the event.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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