Hello To All:

The harsh cold has gone for a while.  Now if we can get the wind to die down some.  In West Texas?  Right….

I have mentioned our friend Dale Herring of the Rafter H ranch just down the road.  He shared a letter from his son, Andy, with Judy and me.  Andy is a professor at Texas A&M.  He has a PhD in Genetics.  Right now he is working in the area of Animal Science.  Through A & M and various foundations, he travels to different countries and does what he can to help the ranchers.  He was in South Africa for three months.  His latest travel was to Mandalay Myanmar. His family was also included on the trip.  He presented his assessment to the Myanmar Livestock Federation and various government officials.

He sent pictures of their cattle and they look very thin and fragile compared to American cattle.  Well, they look like cattle that would be reported to authorities here as being malnourished and  starved.  On one ranch they had 300 bulls on 5 acres. They don’t roam free.  Each bull is staked to a certain spot.  They are fed chopped corn stalks, peanut hay and cotton seed meal.  The local people marveled at the weight of the American beefs in pictures that Andy showed.  He said that their heifers may be 4 or 5 years old when they first calve.  Dale said that his next trip is going to be the Dominican Republic.  I am proud that Texas A & M extends a hand to try and improve the lives in other countries.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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