Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Considerable colder than

we expected.  However, we still didn’t get any moisture out of the puny clouds that did pass over.  I asked Dale Herring if he had any idea of the total rainfall so far this year.  He thinks it is only a few hundredths.

Now back to the “Tales of the Mighty Talpa Trapper”.   Set the live trap on Wednesday evening, hoping to catch a raccoon or another possum digging holes.  Went out the next morning and had another skunk trapped.  Dadgummit….no good way to handle a trapped skunk.  I took an old shower curtain, used before for this purpose, and eased up and covered the cage.  There was a small hole that I cold peek through and there was a brown eye looking back at me.  It took me a couple of shots from the .22 mag to dispatch Mr. Skunk.  Got him in a plastic bag and disposed of him.  So, that is that.  Almost.  The next morning I looked and the trap was empty.  Opened it up and latched it so that I could get the empty cat food cans (which had the bait) out and forgot and left it open.  I was by that cage several times that day and it was empty.   Later in the afternoon, fiveish, I looked and there was another skunk in the trap.  No bait, I recon that he just smelled a friend had been around.  He got the same treatment.  Both times I some how got some skunk perfume on me.  Judy stopped me at the door and I had to strip and take a shower and change clothes before I was allowed  to walk around in the house.  Even after washing the heavy coat, shirt and jeans, I had to hang them outside to air out some more.  Still smelled skunky.    I made sure the trap was closed before I came back in .

Beginning to wonder why we have all these skunks wondering around my back yard.  Putting the cat food up at night now and see if that helps.

We have us a new lady Postmaster here in Talpa.  Her name is Leighann M. Fikes.  She came here from the post office in Coleman, where she has been the past two years. Her mom did the rural route out here for 20 years.  Her grandfather put in 40+ years doing his  route.  It runs in the family.  So, those of us who get our mail here, stop by and say “Hello” to Leighann.  You will find her to be friendly and helpful.

So, that is the way it goes out here in out quiet little corner of
Coleman county.

Talpa Bob

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