Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  After some nice weather it turned on us.   One day it rained some and the float in the rain gauge was up to about ¾ “ and then the temp dropped and it froze there.  Later it rained some more and that froze on top of the float.  Looks sort of silly but we did get about 1 ½ “ of rain, not counting the float.

There is a lady in Ballinger that Judy “sits with” on Saturdays and Sundays.  Judy texted me a few pictures of big birds circling around and then 20 or so perched in one tree across the alley. She asked me what they were.   Didn’t have to look very hard to see from the size, the color of the head and beak and the wing tips while gliding, they were turkey vultures.  Why would they be in town in the middle of a residential area?  It would take a dead elephant to feed that many.  I finally went over and looked just to confirm it.  Yup, they are turkey vultures.  They don’t fly around and eat insects or catch and eat mice. They eat carrion, dead animals like those left in the middle of the highway.  They stayed a few weeks and then they left.  Today I talked to the new owner of the house and he was surprised to see the picture of 20 to 25 vultures perched in his tree.  He said that they move around and were a few blocks away at one of the tall towers the last time he saw them.  He said that at one time they were down by the river that runs through the park and that they nearly killed a lot of trees by smothering them with excrement.

At the same house, the lady who lives there has several large pecan trees.  Some are medium size and one tree is native pecan and they are not so large.  There is one small tree over by the side of the yard and it makes the largest pecans of all.  I have been over several weekends to pick as many up as I could.  To date I would guess 30 -40 gallons of pecans. Maybe more. Then the fun part.  Crack and shell them and bag and freeze them  for later.

So it goes out in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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