Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Except for a couple of days when the wind blew.

The rain storms with winds to 40 mph and hail mostly went North of us.  We got the wind and that was about it.  Skipping the hail was not all that bad.  We could have used some of that rain.

The house next door is nearly completely remolded.  First the old wooden floors were all leveled.  Then Rudy and Oswald worked many long days to sand all the door facings and repaint them.  The walls were all redone.  Some got new wood  and some got the old distressed looking wood.  They made an island in the center of the kitchen made of old really splintered looking 2 x 12 and poured the clear liquid on that hardens and gives a smooth glass look.  The kitchen ceiling is new tin.  New tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms and in the front of the fire places.   A new iron stove was placed in the entry room in front that burns wood and I guarantee that it put out the heat. The old fireplaces got gas logs installed.  The old wooden floors were all sanded and then a couple of coats of varnish.

The new owners, John and Nancy from NE Louisiana have moved a lot of new pieces of furniture in.  I guess it would be called a very nice rustic look.  It is definitely not your average hunting cabin.

We haven’t mentioned Esley from across the road lately.  He is putting in extra hours for a good reason that will soon become apparent.  He did have some sad news last week.  His old dog, Notch, has been with him seven years.  He was usually content to stick close to the house.  Then he got to wondering off and staying out all night.   Then one morning he came home and it looked like he had been shot in the leg.  It was a clean shot and didn’t hit the bone.  He limped around for a while and then the other night he took off again.  Esley drove around some that night calling him and got no results.  HE drove around again the next morning before he went to work.  Couldn’t find him.  Notch wasn’t just a dog.  He and Esley had been buddies to go fishing and bird hunting and up to sharing a dinner plate and sleeping together to keep warm.

 That was on a cold night that they moved to a new place and Esley had left the blankets over at his mother’s place.  So, there they were and just got back to back on the bed and stayed warm as they could.

Then the other morning Esley got a phone call from a Coleman Sheriff Deputy who had found Notch.  He knew Knotch and Esley.  Poor old Notch had gotten hit by a car or truck and he was in bad shape.  The Deputy asked Esley what he wanted to do but there really wasn’t much to do with him in that  condition.  Esley did the right thing and asked the Deputy to please put him down as quickly and painless as possible, which he did and brought the remains of Notch out to Talpa where Esley added him to his pet cemetery.  A lot of people will understand that Notch wasn’t just a pet, he was part of the family.

So it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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