Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Weather going back and forth being cool then nice and toasty.  One day the toasty will come and stay, I am sure of that.

Went to San Angelo the other day and was a bit late getting back.  It was night and the headlights were coming on.  Even if you are on the road that is divided between East and West bound, if the oncoming car has his lights on bright it presents a problem.  You can’t see.  So you blink your lights and  the oncoming car does nothing.  My question at this point is, “ Do you really want someone coming toward you at 75 mph that is blinded?” The more difficult one is that there are three cars coming toward you and the middle or last car won’t dim his lights.  If you blink your lights, the first car gets irritated and puts his lights on bright.  About all you can do is focus on the white line to your right and avoid being blinded as best you can.  Driving on a two lane road just makes the situation more dangerous.  If you drive and only look at the white line, you are likely to not see some other situation developing to your left side or straight ahead.

Then there is the matter of tire pieces  from one of the 18 wheelers flat.   Those drivers don’t get out and change the flat. They call the nearest town that has  a Flat-fixer-truck that they send out for that service.  They take what is left of the tire off and either put on a spare or go get one.  They leave the pieces of the old one scattered along the road for a hundred yards.  If there is a wreck, the wrecker company comes out and picks up the wrecked car, the bumper, pieces of chrome and sweep up the broken glass and eyeballs or what ever, clean up the highway as part of the fee.  Why don’t we insist that the guys that come out to fix the flat clean up the highway of the shreds of the ruined tire?  Just add it to the cost of coming out to fix the flat.  That way we don’t have to weave in and out to miss pieces of that tire that probably does have wire cable points sticking out that can give you a flat or beat up the underside of your car or wheel well or muffler, or flip it up at the car coming behind you.  Ask one of the truck drivers and all you get is, “hey man, that ain’t my job”.  That tire ain’t gonna biodegrade, it is going to stay there.

Now and then a poor deer or some other critter gets hit while crossing the highway.  Who is in charge of removing the remains?  The only thing that I can find out is , “you better not touch that dead deer”.  Ok, then who is supposed to do that  and why does it take a couple of weeks?  A dead skunk is not too hard to dodge but sometimes you can get in the position of nearly having to stop in order to not run over the remains of a large animal hit just in front of you and traffic is going both ways.  Just saying, we don’t have to increase the hazard of driving on our highways if some common sense laws could be implemented or just use common sense.

So that is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here There were a couple of little rain clouds pass over.  They left a good 5/1,000th   in the rain gauge. The weeds are sprouting up like it had been a deluge.

I will get the walk behind mower out maybe tomorrow and see if it is going to start this year or not.  I own 4 of them and only one runs.  That is the one my brother in law, Jim, gave to me before he passed and it isn’t over 25 years old, hardly.  The riding mower will need a new battery.  Those batteries only last one season.  I tried to extend the life by taking the negative cable loose after each use but it didn’t make any difference.

I was out walking around the house and met the new owner of that little Red house next door. Her name is Liaah.  I also met one of her cousins the other night when I heard some noise outside about 10:00pm and went out to see what it was.  Her cousin Jason was bringing some firewood.  I will go out and inspect if I hear a noise from some were that is not expected.  Today another cousin was there, Debbie.  One of her sons will be here to visit soon and I look forward to meeting him. He was Navy and now looking to become a firefighter in Austin. Liaah has a very big black dog named Lucky.  Lucky does her job well, which is to bark if anyone approaches the house.  The rest of the time she will lick you hand off.  But you won’t know that until you get up close.  I believe if she thought that you were a threat to her owner, she would probably do more.

My son Kelly and his family just got back from a vacation that they worked in during spring break for all the kids.  They went to the Grand Canyon and also the petrified forest.  When I was much younger, my mother took my sister and me on a vacation trip that included the petrified  forests.  I was very up set.  I wanted to see trees standing, a forest, that was stone.  Not so, it was just a bunch of rocks in various arroyos or on the ground.  There was a museum that has some that had been cut and polished.  But I still thought that we had been cheated.     Mari said the kids just walked around with their jaws dropping to the ground. Before this the most exciting place they had been was maybe Lake Nasworthy.  Well, they have been to Dallas and to Six Flags over Texas, but…  So, now it is back to work and to school.

Gabriel is the oldest and he will graduate this spring from Rice.

Next is Matthew and he will graduate from Central High.  That will leave Karen with the house to herself.

Still looking around for some one’s dog or cat that has a serious claw mark on their face.  I went out to feed my cats and there was a blood trail from the food bowl and going off the carport.  I looked them over and they had no marks. So, someone got educated about just butting in to the food bowl uninvited.  Probably some dog passing by.  I checked next door and their big old dog was unmarked.  She is usually an inside dog and very well mannered but I went to see anyway.

So, that is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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