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It has been a quiet week out here.  Grass fires and rumors of grass fires keep you on your toes.  Getting more and more reports about rattlers.  The best thing to do is watch out, they don’t always rattle anymore.  The young guy that came over to mow Esley’s yard, one of Richard Flores nephews I think,

found one and it was nearly exactly in the same spot on the front porch step and the one he killed last year.  The Flores guy just picked up a flat shovel and shoveled it with extreme prejudice.  Esley thinks that there must be a den of rattlers under his house.  Probably so.  I told him to throw mothballs in every place he could find going under the house.  I don’t think that he has a crawl space that he can wiggle in.  Not sure what he would do if he could get under there.

On Friday we went to pay our last respects to a friend and relative, Kay Black of Ballinger.  She was married to Gerald Black, who predeceased her.  The funeral was on Saturday and Lynn Smith gave a very fitting and proper  eulogy.   When I moved to this area in 2009, I knew that some of my relatives had lived in Ballinger many years ago and that the family name was Black.

The first time I went to visit the First Christian Church I asked the usher if there was anyone there with the family name Black? Yes, this gentleman right here is Ross Black.  I talked to Ross and found that he and two of his brothers were my direct first cousins.  I soon met Bobby Black  but Gerald has passed on  a few years before.  Kay had been married to Gerald.  My grandfather  was Preston Dunn and he married one of John Black’s twins , Ellen.  In return their brother William married one of Preston Dunn’s sisters, Lucy.  My grandfather’s sister was Ross, Bobby and Gerald’s grandmother. Kay knew all of these people and filled in a lot of empty spaces in my knowledge of the family tree.  She will be missed by many relatives and friends.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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