Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  You can hear the air conditioner’s purring at every house.  Trying to keep an eye on the usage and hold the costs down some.   At some point it doesn’t matter, just get the house cooler.   I can’t sleep in an 80 º  bedroom.  Just watch the cats and you will learn the secret of staying cool.  Don’t move.  They find a place with the best breeze and lie down and don’t move all day.  The little one, Tobi for some reason picks under a car in the carport and on the gravel.  Haven’t tried it but I might at some point.  The little black cat that is blind in one eye is getting a little more friendly now.  I can walk outside and she just watches until I get too close and then she runs.  She has a name now.  I decided to call her Mini the Moocher.

It fits.

Some time ago, not sure if months or years, a spot began to develop on my left temple between the ear and the eye.  It has a black irregular shape with red radiating  from it.  I saw a friend at church and he had one on his cheek, just under his eye.  He had been to the dermatologist who said it was cancerous.  Looked a lot like my spot.  So, make an appointment and finally came the day to get it checked.  The Doctor looked at it and said, “ It looks okay to me.  But he did say that it was prudent of me to have it looked at.  It did not have rough edges or appear to be open sore.  Then he looked over my head, back stomach and  arms and stopped.  “These two places on the back of your hand are precancerous” .   I thought it was more like scar tissue from being stuck by a thorn or something.   Well, okay, what do we do now?

The doctor took a metal container from the counter and pressed the nozzle against the bumps and froze them.  Later that day, the frozen spots made sort of a blister.  Of course, me not being to coordinated, I hit the back of my hand on something and broke one open.  I tried to call the doctor’s office but never got thru.   So, just took care of it the old timey way.  Pour some coal oil on it and make a mesquite bean poultice and tied it on with an old rag.  That would be what my grandmother would have told me to do.  So, I did use a more modern antiseptic on it and put a band aid over each one. Guess I will live.  Not sure yet if I undid the doctor’s  work or not.  May try to call back again next week.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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