Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  In this heat not any one or thing wants to stir around much.  Even the grasshoppers are too hot to hop.  Saturday evening we did get a break of sorts.  A beautiful big black cloud formed up out West.  Dropped the temperature considerably and the wind picked up.

I thought for sure we would get some rain out of it.  Texted Judy , who was in Ballinger, and asked if they were getting rain there.  No, she replied but in looking out the back window she could see lightning out South West.  About then Linda Dye texted me from Grape Creek and said she was having lightning, thunder and some rain.   That big cloud got to Ballinger and split in half and went around Talpa.  At church on Sunday morning there were reports of “we got ¼ in  and someone else got nearly ½ in “. This is a set weather pattern and doesn’t much get any different. Oh well, what little moisture that we have received hasn’t revived the weeds or grass enough to make me want to get out and mow.

The little quarter size cat that I call Mini the Moocher is back.  The poor little thing doesn’t look to have a home so I leave her a bowl over to one side so that she doesn’t get scared and run when I come out.  I have been able to get a little closer and talk to her in a soft voice.  But she won’t let me get more that 3 or 4 steps from her before she runs.  A few more bites of cat food won’t ruin my budget.  My kids don’t seem to care if she is sharing the food or not.  They don’t get nose to nose but there isn’t any sign of aggression from any of them.

The Post Office finally came through this last week and put up a new flag pole.  This one is maybe one foot further away from the building than the other one that got struck by lightning.  Our new full time postmaster is still in Ft Worth being trained.  Another postal employee, Robert Castillo, came for a day or so to fill in.  He is from Wingate but works in the Ballinger office.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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